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Fun for who!!!

This week’s topic is fun, any kind of fun we want to talk about so there will be a good amount of variety, please visit the other blogs listed at: https://dogagilityblogevents.wordpress.com/fun/

I love agility I love most everything about it, the people, watching the teams run, seeing the companionship with their dogs.  I love being able to visit with people and talk dogs, training, issues and everything that goes with it.  For me that is having fun!

Is my dog having fun, I say he is but is he really?  He is very environmentally shy, very nervous in loud, busy places with lots of strange people.  He often shakes as we are getting ready to get on the start line but much better when we are waiting to go in.  Once we are in the ring he is still very easily distracted by outside events but clearly he is ready to run the course.  He is still very young and immature plus we have not become a true team yet. He does have fun during training but he is more comfortable there and I am more confident.

I  plan to do everything in my power to help him have fun doing things with me no matter what they are.  I will be retiring soon so will be able to spend more quality time with all 3 of my Boxers and am really looking forward to it.  If it ends up that he can never be comfortable in a trial environment and has no fun at all then I can deal with that and accept it.  If he always has a hard time at a trial but loves running with me then we can deal with that too.

The most important aspect is that we both have fun, do the best we can and enjoy to doing this together.



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